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Tuesday January 29th: Medium Sized Chapter Event at the Sink 6:00-9:00 PM Thursday January 31st: Open House #1 (South Hill-Acacia, AEPi, AKL, Alpha Sig, Chi Psi, Sig Ep, SAE, Phi Tau, PIKE, FIJI, ZBT, ) ) 5:00-9:00 PM Friday February 1st: Open House #1 (North Hill-Alpha Delt, APD, Theta Xi, Sig Nu, Phi Psi, Pi Kapp, AGO, TKE, DKE, Delta Sig, Theta Chi) 5:00-9:00 PM Saturday February 2nd: Open House #2 (all chapters) 1:00-6:00 PM Monday February 4th: Pref Night #1 (Delta Sig, Pi Kapp, Alpha Sig, AGO, Theta Chi) (Invitation Only) Tuesday February 5th: Pref Night #2 (Phi Tau, Chi Psi, AEPi, Acacia) (Invitation Only) Wednesday February 6th: Pref Night #3 (Alpha Delt, Theta Xi, DKE, ZBT) (Invitation Only) Thursday February 7th: Pref Night #4 (TKE, PIKE, Phi Psi, APD, FIJI) (Inivitation Only) Friday February 8th: Pref Night #5 (AKL, Sigma Nu, SAE, Sig Ep) (Inivitation Only) Saturday February 9th: Second look rush only Sunday February 10th: Bid Day! Potential new members arrive at 12 noon. Chapters arrive at 12:50PM. Monday February 11th: Greek 101 (MANDATORY) 6:30pm-9:30pm

What is Rush:

Rush is what the Fraternity system refers to as an open house orientation. During Rush, you can meet the 20 CU Fraternities, see their houses, find out what makes each one unique, and decide which one is for you. Rush is roughly two weeks long, and happens near the beginning of the fall and spring semesters. Anyone can take part in rush, and if you are serious about wanting to join a brotherhood, you can register here on this site.

If you have any questions, email us at

Why Join? (3)

Make Lifelong Friends
Joining a fraternity is about making friends with guys who are just like you. They like to have fun, are serious about college, and want to succeed. Fraternity men are winners and are looking for guys like you. There is a fraternity for everybody! Receive Academic Support You've got to succeed academically in order to be a good fraternity brother. Let the fraternity help you succeed. Older brothers serve as tutors and mentors for new members. Many fraternities offer scholarships to brothers who do well. No matter what your major, you can join a fraternity.
Be the Leader
Use the skills and talents you've developed by being a leader in a fraternity. You can find leadership opportunities from the beginning of your membership through your entire college experience. Many fraternities offer nationally recognized leadership programs that help give you an advantage over others. The diversity of each fraternity means that everyone is welcome.
Enjoy Social Activities & Sports
Sitting alone in your room doesn't lead to many lasting memories of college. There are a variety of social activities that fraternity men become involved in. Intramural sports are an important part of the fraternity experience. Whatever your skill, whatever your interest, there is a team for you to participate on. There are social activities for everyone, whether you prefer small groups or large crowds. These activities connect you to your fraternity, the Greek community, and the campus.

Greek Terms (13)

The governing body of local chapters from the National Interfraternity Conference member fraternities.
A Greek lettered Brotherhood.
The governing body and staff of each National Fraternity.
The local chartered unit of a National Fraternity.
Formal Rush
The major rushing period of the year, with predetermined time and days for rushing.
Open House
A free time when a rushee can visit any fraternity house.
A non-fraternity member who is visiting Fraternities as a guest with possible intention of pledging.
An invitation to join a fraternity issued in writing directly from the Fraternity to a rushee.
A direct relative (brother, son, nephew, etc.) of a Fraternity member.
A man who has gone through formal pledging ceremonies, and is learning the history and purposes of his Fraternity but has not yet been initiated into lifelong membership.
The formal ceremonies of a pledge becoming a lifelong Fraternity member.
A man who has been initiated into lifelong membership in a fraternity and is currently in college.
A man who was an active in the Fraternity and has now graduated.

Frequently Asked Questions (12)

How do I know if I am the "Greek Type"?
First off, there is no "Greek Type." Most of the stereotypes about Greek membership are myths. One of the strengths of the Colorado Greek Community is the diversity of its members. Each organization consists of members who have varied interests, backgrounds, and ethnicities. You will quickly realize that the traditional "Frat boy" exists only in movies.
How much time does a Greek Organization take?
Some organizations require more time than others. Be sure to ask questions regarding time commitments during recruitment. Chapters will focus much of their educational programing on teaching members to manage their time efficiently. Most fraternity men will gain more Time Management skills through their fraternal involvement, than they have ever gained in their lives.
Isn't there a lot of alcohol/substance abuse associated with fraternities?
Although the social aspect of Greek Life is one of the major reasons that students get involved in fraternities and sororities, alcohol and substance abuse is not tolerated. Most organizations have mandatory educational sessions on the dangers of alcohol and substance abuse. Precautions are taken at all events to ensure a safe environment.
Do fraternities haze?
Physical and mental hazing is prohibited by the national Greek organizations and by the laws of the State of Colorado. Fortunately, most Greeks recognize that hazing has no place in their organizations. Hazing will not be tolerated at Colorado.
What effect will being in a fraternity have on my grades?
Fraternities offer study halls, tutoring programs, grade point requirements, and other programs to help meet the academic needs of their members. Most Fraternities were founded on principles that place scholarship as their members' top priority.
Will I be required to live in the chapter house?
Each chapter has a different policy for residency, depending on the capacity of their house. Some chapters don't utilize houses so there is no live in requirement for them. Most students that join during their first year move into the chapter house as sophomores.
If I am new to Colorado, wouldn't it be better to get my feet on the ground before I join a Greek Organization?
Adjusting to college life is often a confusing process. By joining a fraternity your first semester, you can have an immediate family of friends, all willing to help you cope with the hassles of college life and experiences you'll face.
What am I going to get out of this?
You'll be amazed at what you will get from a fraternity experience. Joining a fraternity rounds out the collegiate experience. We often say that you get a complete education in a fraternity. Here's what a fraternity offers: lifelong friends, leadership opportunities, social and sports activities, academic support and excellence, and networking opportunities.
What are the total costs to be a member of a fraternity?
Each fraternity is self-supported through dues charged to all members. In the first year of membership, a few one-time expenses are assessed. After those initial payments are made, your son's only expense will be his regular dues. If housing is offered, fraternity lodging and meals are competitive with other housing options. A variety of payment plans are usually offered.
Who is actually in charge of the fraternity?
Fraternity members elected to officer positions manage the day-to-day operations of the organization. These officers are assisted by members serving on committees and by alumni who act as advisors. In addition, most fraternities are part of a national fraternity organization which offers support, advice, and direction through a paid professional staff and regional volunteers. Professional staff from the college and university are also employed to assist and monitor the activities of fraternities. As you can see, a variety of individuals oversee the operations of the fraternity.
Do I have to register with IFC for Recruitment?
Yes you must register with IFC in order to be eligible to recieve a bid. Please fill out one of the recruitment forms available on this website.
Do I have to join a fraternity in the fall semester?
No. Many men join in the fall, however there are some that choose to wait for the formal spring recruitment period. In addition several fraternities at the University of Colorado are moving more to continuous recruitment, so you may have the option to join at some other point then the two mentioned.